You can request membership by filling in this form. We have several types of membership, with relevant rights and duties, click below to read more about the membership and costs.

Tennis Padel Club (TPC) Eindhoven Noord is the new association that was created on January 1, 2022 from the merger between TV Prinsejagt and TV Tegenbosch. The club, located at the Eindhoven Noord sports park on the Oude Bossche Baan, has 21 tennis courts and 2 padel courts. From spring 2022 there will be 6 padel courts.

Membership and costs

Senior member A (from 25 years) €180 + €15 registration costs
Senior member B (18-24 years) €125 + €15 registration costs
Junior (13-17 years) €105 + €10 registration costs
Junior (7-12 years) €85 + €10 registration costs
Junior (6 years or younger) €65 + €10 registration costs

All memberships are in line with the organisational year which runs from January 1st to 31st of December. All members will be registered with KNLTB (Dutch Tennis and Padel Association).
You can become a member throughout the year. In case of membership starting during the year, you pay 10% commission on the full year fee per remaining month of the calendar year.

KNLTB member and passAs a member of our club you are automatically a member of the KNLTB. You pay a contribution to the KNLTB through our club. As proof of your membership, you will receive a pass with your association number, a recent passport photo and the association name. This pass also gives access to our park and pavilion. The new passes (for both current and new members) will be distributed in the spring of 2022. You will receive a message about this. Do you have a question about your card or lost your card? Send an email to

PaymentThe annual fee is paid through automated incasso which is executed in January. In case the incasso cannot be completed succesfully (due to change or termination of the bankaccount, change in ownership of the account, adminstrative reasons) we will do another attempt in February. In case this attempt also fails we will hand over to a debt collection partner. Submitting approval fo automated incasso is madatory upon registration for membership.

ChangesRequests for changes in type of membership should be sent through email to our membership admin team ledenadministratie@tpceindhovennoord

Changes in personal details (name, email adress, phone number, bank account nr) should also be indicated via an email to membership admin team via this email adress



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