TPC Eindhoven Noord is a club with many youth members (5-17 years). If you want you can train every week and participate in the competition. We also organize all kinds of activities. Click below for more information about the training, competition and the youth committee.

Tennis trainingHP Sports provides tennis training for youth at TPC Eindhoven Noord. The training sessions are given from Monday to Friday between 3 and 7 pm. The duration of a lesson is 60 minutes. 8 to 10 youth members participate in a training. Twice a year a new training cycle starts: the summer training starts in April and the winter training in October. As a youth member you can train once or twice a week. If you want to know more about the training, the costs and the trainers, go to this page.

CompetitionThe youth competition is divided into different age categories:

  • Tennis kids competition – up to 12 years
    For the youngest children there is the Tennis kids competition. The emphasis in this competition is mainly on playing nice matches, having fun and making friends.
    The Tenniskids competition consists of the Red, Orange and Green competition. These competitions are linked to the Tennis kids color in which a child plays. In this competition, children play a number of (short) matches on Sunday morning against children from other tennis clubs in the area. Read more about this competition here.
  • Junior competition – from 11-17 years
    Are you aged between 11 to 17 years? Then you can participate in the KNLTB Junior competition! During the competition you will compete with teams from other associations together with your team consisting of girls, boys or boys and girls. The Junior competition is divided into 2 categories:
    - 11 to 14 years
    - 13 to 17 years
    Just like with the seniors, in the junior competition you play on an entire court and with regular tennis balls. Which competition, types of games and how many games you play depends on which day and at what level you play competition. Read more about the junior competition here.

Youth Committee
To ensure that our youth can have fun, be sporty and active with tennis and padel, a youth committee has been created. This committee organizes activities in the field of tennis and padel, combined with the necessary relaxation and fun for our youth. All our activities take place in collaboration with the trainers. We are also supported in various activities by different parents. Without them, our activities would never be so successful. We hope we can continue to count on these parents!

We do our best to get the largest possible group of participants in our activities. In order to realize this, we will also regularly organize events in collaboration with surrounding associations. After all, it is our aim to get the youth in Eindhoven to play tennis or padel. Whether they hit the ball with us or an association we work with is of less importance.

If you would like to pass on suggestions, ideas and/or comments, please let us know via or let us know when you meet us!

The Youth Committee

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