Padel is a combination of tennis and squash and the sport has become extremely popular in recent years. You play in duos in an almost entirely glass cage, where cooperation is the most important starting point. Click here if you want to rent a padel court at our club. Read below what the options are for padel training, competition and tournaments:

TrainingThe padel training is provided by Padel Brabant. You can register for a training cycle of 6 or 12 lessons. You follow these lessons with 4 people and last 60 minutes. On this page you can read more about the training options and register. At TPC Eindhoven Noord, the padel training is given from Monday to Friday evening and Saturday morning.

CompetitionThe KNLTB organizes 4 padel competitions per year. The Technical Committee (TC) of TPC Eindhoven Noord will inform all members if it is possible to register for this competition. Registration is preferably per team (minimum 5 players). At the KNLTB padel competition, no distinction is made between men's or women's competition. So you can play with 1 woman and 3 men, but also the other way around. More information about the padel competition can be found on this page.

TournamentAt TPC Eindhoven Noord we organize the following tournament:

  • Spring (Voorjaar) tournament  Padel & Tennis: This tournament takes place annually in March (week 11) at our park. It is an open tournament so both members and non-members of TPC Eindhoven Noord are allowed to participate. The padel tournament is played in the categories HD, DD, and GD at P100(1/2/3), 4/5, 6/7 and D level. There is also a tennis tournament and there is played on the basis of current rating and registration is possible in the categories in HE, DE, HD, DD and GD, with categories 6 to 8 also 35+. Registration for this tournament will be announced via this website,, the ClubApp and social media.



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