Padel is a sport that you play in a cage with glass walls. You always play 2-on-2 and you can use the glass wall during the game to hit the ball. By doing that, you get extra fun effects while playing. Are you curious about padel, do you want to know more about the training and the competition? Please click below for more information.

TrainingPadel Brabant provides padel training for the youth members of TPC Eindhoven Noord. The training sessions are held on Monday afternoons. More information about the trainers, the costs and registration for the padel training can be found on this page.

CompetitionPadel Brabant organizes the Padel Brabant Juniors Tour for the youth. During this tour, youth members can participate in padel competitions and other games. The tour is intended for youth from 4 to 17 years old. There is a different program for each age group:

  • A clinic is provided for the smallest padel players, from 4 to 6 year;
  • For the youth from 7 to 17 years, there are competitions on the program. These matches are played in four categories: up to 10, up to 12, up to 14 & up to 17.
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