Due to excessive padel court pressure, newly registered members may temporarily only practice tennis.

See this news item voor meer informatie.

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The above (activity) data is optional. In case you are not a member of the KNLTB now,
but have been in the past, it is useful if we know your old KNLTB (bond) number.
You will then keep your old number as well as your ranking!
Registration options
Please make a choice. If you first have a question about the membership,
you can contact the membership administration via ledenadmnistratie@tpceindhovennoord.nl.
Agreement for automatic collection
Authorisation: The registration fee and yearly membership fee will be collected via automatic collection.
Please complete and sign the ‘SEPA’ authorisation below to authorize the treasurer of TPC Eindhoven Noord
to automatically collect the registration fee (one-off) and, until resignation, the membership fee.
In case you disagree with the automatic collection you can always reverse it within 8 weeks.
Ask your bank about the conditions.
Deptor: TPC Eindhoven Noord, Postbus 1855, 5602 CB Eindhoven
Collection characteristics: contributie TPCEindhovenNoord
Accountnumber: NL33INGB0005026936
*I authorize TPC Eindhoven Noord to automatically collect the registration fee and yearly contribution fee.
In case the member is younger then 18 years, the parent/gardian/care giver declears to agree with the authorisation above.
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Our club exist thanks to enthousiastic volunteers who want to contribute a bit extra for our club.
Would you care to do the bar service now and then?
Would you like to contribute to one of our committees?
Any ideas, interest, suggestions:
Do you want to be contacted for business activities or sponsorship?
Are you self-employed?
In order to be able to carry out future recruitment campaigns in a targeted manner,
we would like to know how you found tennis/padel club Eindhoven Noord
How did you find us?
Notification of our statutes/domestic regulations and privacy policy
TPC Eindhoven Noord is an association that is supported by its members.
That is why we think it is important that contact details of members can be consulted on the website and in the club app.
By default, the privacy settings when registering are set to this.
You can adjust this yourself at any time on the website. If you still want to indicate restrictions, you can do that below.
Do not make my data visible to logged in members.
*By ticking the checkbox you declare to take note of the TPC Eindhoven Noord statutes/domestic regulations
and privacy policy (available in Dutch on our website)
Personal Data
Your data will not be shared with third parties for commercial purposes.
In case this will happen, you will be requested up front for permission.
If necessary, data relevant to membership related activities will be exchanged with third parties.
A statement of approval is required before entering into membership.
*I do agree with the above
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What and how the data of the members are displayed by default is laid down in the regulations of the association.
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Note: If you uncheck this, you will no longer receive relevant
association information and indicate that you are
responsible for collecting
all information that is directly important
is for you as an association member.